Harmony online sketching tool is an impressive experiment in HTML 5, (so you will need a supporting browser like Firefox or Google Chrome) that allows you to create soft pencil type drawings and sketch online with surprising ease.

Harmony developer Mr Doob has used canvass and JavaScript with HTML5’s ability to create bitmap images. The result is possibly one of the most mesmerising creative toys on the web.

Usually drawing with your mouse is inherently clumsy and messy, but Harmony’s sketching brushes create exquisitely smooth strokes and seems to know where to apply shading and texture.

These brushes seem to lend themselves particularly well to Anime type creations, urban/graffiti style lettering and charcoal. The squares,  grid and circles tools allow you to create more geometric type imagery.

Still very much in it’s infancy, the open source code is not without its faults, (there is currently no delete or undo function so go carefully!) but we are bound to see improved releases of this exciting medium soon.

Check out more HTML egg head wizardry over at Chrome Experiments or go straight to Harmony and start sketching!