Kaws teamed up with Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama to create these drool-able  objet d’art.  Fully articulated and available in  dark  or light chrome, prepare to be $1400 lighter if you can even find one.

You may well be a wondering what an art toy is doing in a digital marketing site. Brian Donnelly, the guy behind Kaws and the OriginalFake brand has made it into Fast’s 100 Most Creative people in business.

I have been  a massive fan if urban vinyl art since my time in Asia, and lucky enough to own a few gems from Michael Lau and Eric So. Urban vinyl artists have big brands queuing up to be considered for a collaboration pieces. Both Nike and Adidas were quick to recognize the potential to gain institutional art and street credibility in one swoop.  Donnely’s roots lie in graffiti and street art but now enjoys courtships with the likes of Levi and Nike mega-brands.

Check out the Kaws site, but you won’t find much…we always want want we can’t have.