Greenpeace are begging Nestle to give orangutans a break, by stopping buying palm oil from suppliers who destroy the rain forest ecosystem in Indonesia. This is a great example of guerrilla marketing being employed in this viral video. OK, enough of the simian puns, this is serious business.

The devastating effect the world’s increasing hunger for palm oil was apparent from my own visits to Sumatra to see orangutans (translates literally to “man of the forest”) in the their natural habitat. The long journey to the national park took me through huge expanses of  plantations rapidly encroaching on the remaining pristine habitat of our lovable ginger relatives.

Nestle – Give the orangutans a break!

Greenpeace have cleverly adopted the tag line from the UK’s top selling chocolate bar, and one of Nestle’s most popular brands – Kit Kat. Now that’s got to hurt. Obviously, Nestle aren’t happy about this so are doing everything they can to remove the video from tube sites across the web, so Greenpeace have made it available for download so you can distribute it your self.

Plenty of manufacturers of FMCG’s are separating themselves from the worst of the orangutan habitat destroyers, but Nestle are yet to budge. Let’s make it interesting for them…