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This blog emerged from my passion for digital media technologies, a strong coffee table interest in anthropology and an over whelming urge to monkey about on the interwebs. By day I earn my bananas managing digital marketing projects and planning strategies for some lovely enterprise clients at Chemistry Communications Group.

I started my career in video and television production with aspirations of becoming an non-linear editor. After a few months of  seventeen hour days  in a dark edit suite without windows, ventilation or regular feeding times, I realised that life (and  premature death!) wasn’t for me.

A trip to south east Asia turned into a two year bus mans’ holiday.  Creating marketing strategies for venture capital companies with interests in the dot-com industry really gave me a taste for the marketing hunt and the mammoth potential of the web offered with a view to scale, targeting, interaction, research, analytics and the convergence of channels. As the internet and media convergence evolved and the means of media production started to drop into the hands of the average Jo – I found this pathway irresistible.

So I had started to go through a convergence of my own upon returning to the UK. Media production, marketing and web were the perfect mix for MediaWave (now Coull), where I managed accounts and media output for clients including Channel 4, AOL, and 19 Management alongside  live event streaming.

Between then and now I launched and managed an affiliate marketing program and online community of 20,000+ SEO and PPC publishers.  So  kick back and have a good snoop about,  the hope is this blog helps you in your own online marketing and digital media adventures.

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